Microsoft and Bing

  • As you may/may not know, Microsoft owns Bing platform – Bing as a search engine like Google.
  • Bing launches Unified Smart Ad Campaigns – are simple and easy way for you to advertise across different search and social ad platforms. They use Microsoft AI to create text ads to help optimize your search advertising campaigns for you.
  • Your budget will be automatically distributed across channels.
  • You can be able to publish content, like and reply to comments to all social platforms in one place for free.



  • Facebook is clamping down on fake profiles, groups and business pages that are handing out misleading information. Facebook will reduce the redistribution of all posts from the offended party making it difficult for people to connect with them and see their content.



  • LinkedIn increased its posts to 3000 words.
  • Directly from your LinkedIn Business Page, LinkedIn launched the ability to boost your high-performing posts to extend their reach through an advertising campaign.
  • With the click of a button and a few payment details, you can easily and quickly boosts your posts to your selected target audience.
  • Caution: Think about what you want to boost. Don’t just boost for the sake of boosting.
  • LinkedIn allows you to maximize event attendance with specific event ads.
  • LinkedIn launched the Event Analytical Tool which if you’re running an event, you can view all the numbers such as total number of attendees/visitors, attendee/visitor engagement with your event posts and analytics highlights.
  • Live Streams have increased more than 400% year-over-year.
  • LinkedIn introduces Custom Streaming which allows you to live-stream via Zoom, WebEx, OBS, and in the coming months, Microsoft Teams.
  • LinkedIn is also updating its Mobile Page Analytics which will now provide the same insight using your phone that you can currently access via the desktop version.