What is your favourite App?

The world is changing at a face pace and technology is making our lives simpler, faster and more efficient, should we choose to use these Apps in our favour.

Having had the pleasure of interviewing Jam Mayer, conversologist and Hootsuite ambassador AND Chad Michael, CEO of Buzz Web Ltd and techno whizz, I came away excited, intrigued and I definitely had some great ahhhhh moments where my brain wandered off on how I could use an App that had been mentioned.

Let’s take stock of what we have on our phones, computers and other gadgets?

There are so many Apps to choose from. If you had to have a look at your gadgets right now, how many Apps do you have on there? How many of those Apps are used on a regular basis? How many have you never used or used only once and decided that it is not for you?

Remove any Apps that you are currently not using and that don’t serve a purpose, because trust me, once you listen to this BLAB, you may want to download a whole heap more and test them.

TOP 3 Apps being used at the moment

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Messenger.

Top Social Media Apps

Social Media Management


Jam has been using this for the last 3 -4 hour years. A lot of people still don’t know that you can do a lot of social media monitoring with this App. Geolocation as well – it is a little bit manual but it can be done.

Hootsuite have recently launched a new feature, Ads – so it is easier to create your ads and campaigns for Facebook within Hootsuite.


Great for scheduling and analytics


  • Iconosquare – mainly for analytics
  • Hootsuite – for publishing
  • Just unfollow – great for unfollowing people
  • Instrack – One of my favourite Apps for instagram because you can follow, unfollow, see analytics, who has blocked you,
  • Schedugram – this is great for scheduling posts

Google Apps

  • Google Googles – take a photo and this compares this to all other images on the web, for example if you Pizza – image comparison app.
  • My Business – by Google which allows you to manage Google Pages
  • Google Keep – is another favourite of Chad’s. Allows you to store multiple types of notes whether it be a list. a note, an audio recording or take a picture to store. Best thing is that access you can access online under Googlekeep.com
  • Google Drive – synchronise photo with Google drive – so that photos are backed up to the cloud


  • Ads App – helps to set up ads and track ads on the go.
  • Pages App – helps to manage your business pages.
  • Groups App – Helps manage groups
  • Messenger – in the top three of most used apps – private messaging.

Photo APPS – to create images for Social Media

  • Layouts – which allows you to create collages of three or more images so that you can upload a multi image post

Business Apps

  • Slack
  • Glip – can create my own tasks and calendar events. Co-ordinate with Contractors in Glip. I don’t use emails with my team anymore. Glip is more effective for scheduling. (Jam).
  • Trello – visual boards and project management and brainstorming.
  • Go SMS Pro replaces your text messaging App on Android – great for scheduling texts. Chad – great for messaging your girlfriend while you are still sleeping. The unpaid version has unobtrusive advertising.
  • Genie – If you have a router in your house look for an App that can control it. If I need to start the router
  • Agora – this is not Agora Pulse. Agora.co, this is a new App. They offer collaboration. Have your your storage apps in one place. Say for example you say you have 5 drop box accounts and two Google accounts, you can move files from one account to the other. In one interaface you can jsut move files.

Personal Apps

  • Amazon Kindle App – great for reading books and PDF’s
  • EasyBattery Saver – makes your battery last infinitely longer – crazy good App (Chad is using this on Android)
  • HIITT – Timer that allows you to split 2 minute, timer that allows a little more functionality than the standard android timer. used for steak
  • Bank app – BNZ app is really good where they allow you to create bank accounts
  • gStrings – great for tuning your guitar or ukelehle – this seems to t


Warning and what to look out for when downloading Apps.

Be careful of what you download on your phone

If you are downloading an app look out for these things and use your common sense

  • reviews,
  • Star rating

Would love to hear what your favourite Apps are?