• Working on bonus payment options – they want to give incentives to real creators.



  • Launched Spotlight – short-form videos.
  • Snapchat is paying out its creators almost $1 Million a day.
  • Rolling out Brand Profiles where you can do marketing and advertising for bigger brands but still selective at the moment.



  • Not just for teenagers but also for creators making amazing contents.
  • Set to become the next Billion $ user platform.
  • Zhang Yiming, the CEO of Tiktok is stepping down and Liang Rubo, his roommate, who is also the co-founder will be replacing him at the end of the year.



  • Continues to roll out new features
  • Creator mode
  • Cover Story
  • LinkedIn Pronouns
  • LinkedIn Live – LinkedIn made the process a little bit easier and they are giving out Live Video to people that do apply.
  • TIP: make sure your LinkedIn profile has enabled 2 factor authentication, which is a requirement for you to get a LinkedIn Live.



  • Added Twitter Space – it helps creator to promote their events widely and it is a place where you can have live audio conversations with scheduling option which allows the creators to  schedule their Twitter and they will get a notification 30 minutes before the Twitter Space begin.



  • Launching Google MUM (Multitask Unified Model) – a search engine for answering complex questions that don’t have direct answers.
  • Expands its partnership with Shopify – those 1.7 Million merchants in Shopify can reach consumers through Google Search, their product will show up for Free on Google.



  • Launches Ideas Pins and Creator Discovery Feature.
  • They are introducing Idea Pins, a multi-page video format, to all creators in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This new access and capability will empower anyone with a business account to create inspiring content and better interact with their audiences, building more engaged communities directly on Pinterest.
  • Idea Pins make it easy for creators to publish high quality, long lasting, save-able content directly to Pinterest. In fact, the number of Idea Pins created daily has grown by nearly 4x since January. With these updates, they’re highlighting the people behind the content and encouraging Pinners to follow creators and engage with the ideas they find.
  • Pinterest is one of all the platforms that gets the highest sales engagement and they no longer want to be seen as a social media platform, they are actually looking at themselves as an E-Commerce platform.