As a business owner or social media manager, creating social media graphics is something you either love or hate. If you fall into the hate category, we’re here to help you change it. Most people who dislike making social media graphics haven’t found a way to do so easily – but we have!  Let’s discuss the online tools you can use to help you create social media templates online, plus we share our top tips on what makes a great graphic!

How to Create Social Media Graphics Online

If you’ve ever sat in front of your phone, iPad or computer and wondered how businesses create such amazing social media graphics, you’re not alone. Most of the large companies have large budgets that help them hire the best graphic designers. Their graphic designers then create graphics they can share on their Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts which get fabulous reach. But as a business owner or social media manager with next to no budget, is it possible to create social media graphics which get similar results? Well, that’s a tricky one as it depends on many factors. However, there are plenty of free tools online which you can use to create amazing social media graphics! Here are a few of our favourites:

  • CanvaCanva, which has both a free and a paid version, provides you with plenty of predesigned templates for a range of social media requirements. It also has blank templates if you feel like starting from scratch. As well as the templates, you are also provided with a range of graphics, icons and fonts to help you create your graphics too. Here is a video on How to use Canva including a lovely tool called Eye Dropper.
  • DesygnerDesygner is like Canva in that it has pre-designed templates you can tweak and use, plus graphics available. Where it excels is in ease of use on a phone, thanks to its versatile mobile app.
  • SnappaSnappa is also similar in function but has a slightly different user format. There are many pre-designed templates to choose from and it also lets you resize graphics easily too.
  • Tips on Creating Amazing Social Media Graphics

    Now you’ve got the tools to create social media graphics online, how do you know what makes a good one? What determines that a certain graphic goes viral and another gets hardly any reach? Here are a few of our top tips to help you get started:

    • Use your brand assets – this includes your logos, your fonts and colours, product photos and even photos of your products being used by customers.
  • Consider your point of difference – what makes your business different from all the others in your industry? Why should someone do business with you rather than your competitors? How will you stand out above all the others?
  • Know your brand voice – the type of graphics you create is based on your brand audience. This is your target market and you need to frame your graphics to appeal to them alone.
  • Think consistency – there needs to be consistent with what you are posting across and within all your channels. By sticking with a theme, you are quickly recognised, and your followers are more likely to pay attention to your messages.
  • Be authentic – People buy from people they know, like and trust.  Did you know that 63% of Global Consumers will buy from a company they consider to be authentic?
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    If you’d like some support to help you know what to post on social media and when we’re here to help! Get in touch today and let’s get your social media marketing on the way to success.