During the week I did a presentation to ICT and asked who was using Periscope?

Not one person raised their hand. I then asked who had heard of Periscope and still no hands raised. After the talk I am sure that many of the delegates are going to download the App and start using it.

You may then say that Periscope is not that popular, I say not so if an App can grow from 10million to 24 million. New Zealand is starting to engage the App.

What is Periscope?

The creators of the App wanted everyone to have the opportunity to be a live broadcaster and this is what they have achieved. Essentially, you can live stream anything that you are doing or seeing and get real time engagement from people all over the world. It helps that Periscope is owned by Twitter because a notification goes out on Twitter as soon as you sign in to deliver a live broadcast.

The broadcasts have been very interesting from people taking people of live tours of Paris and New York, a lovely young lady with a huge following showing people different clothes in a store and asking what she should buy to someone cooking a meal in their home and celebrities sharing behind the scenes snippets. However, many people are realising that Periscope can be used to build a business brand and they are giving business tips and information on Periscope.

Audience engagement:

People get an opportunity to engage directly with you while you are live by typing in questions and broadcasters or ‘Scopers’ answer the questions by repeating them and answering thIMG_5546[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=em.

If people like your Scope they tap the screen and this adds hearts onto your profile. You can judge how interesting a talk was by the amount of people viewing divided into the amount of hearts.

Looking back on the video, you can see where people were adding hearts – take note, because these are the good indicators of what you may need to do more of.

After the Scope, you are able to see how many people were engaged and for how long. This should give you an indication of whether you hit the mark. There can be many reasons for low engagement rate, including content, length of time of video, audio.

Harley Davidson ran their first Scope today and the amount of engagement was phenomenal. Not only did they have a few thousand live viewers, there were a lot of replays.

How to make your Scope engaging for a Business Broadcast:

  1. Plan what you are going to cover and stick to it as much as possible bearing in mind that it is a live broadcast.
  2. Create a compelling title – the title will engage people to want to join.
  3. Respond live to comments – it can be quiet mesmerising watching someone answering questions and showing you around.
  4. Get the audience even more engaged if you can. Ron Waxman does shows of New York City and he gets people on the Scope, to take a screenshot on their phone of what he is showing and then asks them to go and post it on Twitter and add him in.

(I can see people running competitions in the future using the App)

Tip: If you want everyone to see your Scope, make sure that private broadcast is turned off and be sure to share your location.

I really love the map that shows how many people are on Periscope at any one time and where they are located. If you click on a particular area, you can see who is Scoping.

Saving Content and repurposing:

  • Your video is saved automatically for 24 hours and as soon as you finish a Scope, a tweet goes out with the link.
  • You have the option as soon as you a finished recording, to save the video to your camera roll. If you can do this then you can use the video on a blog, your social media channels, YouTube and in newsletters. You can even add it to your website.

Notice I said if you can capture the recording. I have been caught off guard by not having enough space on my camera roll on my phone and could not save the video. I found a way around this. Go to the link of Twitter or the recording in Periscope, play the video and capture with a recording App like Camtasia.

Tip: Always make sure you have space on your camera roll before doing a Scope.


Remember it’s always great to be on a channel before it gets too crowded so that you can build your online presence.

You can find me on Periscope under wanitaZFourie – my Twitter handle TOBA