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Learn how to set up a basic Chatbot for your business – Workshop

31aug9:00 am4:00 pmLearn how to set up a basic Chatbot for your business – Workshop

Event Details

Join our Chatbot workshop on the 31 August 2018.

As a business owner or “solopreneur,” you might be inundated with customer enquiries; need to streamline your processes;  or even extend your marketing efforts.

With automation (i.e. a chatbot) you can get your time back and focus on growing your business.

Join our full-day workshop on Social Chatbot Marketing. We will teach you how to build your first basic chatbot, integrate it to your Facebook page, and showcase a mini version of your business.

What You Will Learn

  • Different ways to use your chatbot for marketing and customer service.
  • How to build a chatbot conversation flow
  • Identify your chatbot personality to make it more human and reflect your own brand
  • Rules around Opting-In to Messenger versus email opt-in.
  • Knowing  the limitations of chatbot software
  • Set up a menu to direct your customers to key information about your business
  • Build galleries and add media to showcase your products and/or services
  • Redirect your customers to any page on your website

We will teach you how to program your bot to engage with customers using automated responses, and how to integrate it in your Facebook page. We will show you how it will benefit you in running your business.

Here’s a short list of what your chatbots can do for you:

  • Perform repetitive tasks without getting tired. (You get back time to focus on solving bigger problems).
  • Available 24/7 (with no coffee breaks!) Never miss an inquiry.
  • Obey your rules no matter what. Provide accurate solutions and reach your objectives.
  • Always respond in a polite manner. (Avoid negative exchanges and keep your customers happy).

Ultimately, social chatbot marketing will free up time and save money. So don’t think twice about getting one for your business.

Meet Your Trainer

Jam Mayer

Social Chatbot Marketing Trainer

When Jam Mayer made her first clicks in the digital world back in the 2000s, she understood this was for the long haul. After more than a decade as a strategist, educator, and consultant, Jam founded Conversologie as an answer to the problem facing many businesses: “how do we manage and grow our digital presence in a sustainable, efficient and effective way?”

With a great offering of social content, management, training and Social Chatbot Marketing, Conversologie provides solutions with real-life value, results and growth to move forward. She is proud to be Hootsuite’s ambassador and Conversologie as its Digital Services Partner in New Zealand.

We’ve got a lot of enquiries coming in and slots are running out fast. Business people are desperate to know more about social chatbot marketing. Keep ahead of your competition and book your seat today.



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