Social Media Group Rules

Social Media Group Rules

This document has been provided courtesy of TOBA (The Online Business Academy). This is a template of rules that you can use when you are an admin of a Group. Please remember that these are only guidelines and you should write the rules based on the ‘voice’ of the Group.  For example if you have a group where people discuss their health conditions, the way you word the rules may be very different.  This is only meant to help you get started.  Pick and choose the rules/ guidelines you may need for your Group. Write the rules based on your personality and that of the Group.

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About Pauline Stockhausen

Pauline Stockhausen is passionate about everything Social Media. She is the leader in online communities and spends her days building communities for businesses.

With nearly around 20 years’ experience in the online space, Pauline is an efficient, effective and a successful networker and businesswoman. She has not only established an influential social media profile in her own right but has helped many other New Zealanders do the same.

The combination of a wide and varied network and her strong creative skills allow Pauline to assist business owners to quickly identify processes and gain results with their social media marketing. Specialties: Marketing, Advertising, Social media strategy and implementation, Community builder, Interactive media technical training, Design, Photography.

Pauline was a Speaker at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego in 2016.

Pauline Stockhausen
Pauline Stockhausen
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