Clarify Your Brand Story to Amplify Your Impact and Simplify Your Life

As a marketing pro, you are cranking out more important content than ever and it needs to convert customers. But like most, you are frustrated by not being heard in the relentless noise on the interwebs. Did you know an anecdote is your antidote?

In this half-day hands-on session, Park Howell (35-year branding expert and founder of the Business of Story) will show you how to use the applied science and bewitchery of storytelling to make your content connect. You'll learn and apply:
    • The And, But & Therefore narrative framework to find your compelling theme that hooks your audience with any message.
    • The 5 primal elements of a story to demonstrate the benefits of your offering in real-human ways.
    • The proven 10-step Story Cycle System™ as a strategic and tactical narrative structure for all of your presentations and long-form communications.

This Business of Story masterclass is ideal for:

  • Leaders who want to grow their influence and engage their people
  • Business owners who want to define their brand story
  • Content marketers who want to rise above the noise and be heard

When finished, you will increase your narrative intuition, strengthen your storytelling skills and become a more effective communicator to grow your business and your people.

The Half-Day Business of Story Masterclass Agenda:

  • 9:00 am: Introduction & warm up
  • 9:15: Why storytelling is more important now than ever to be heard and understood
  • 9:25: ACTIVITY: Experience how humans are hardwired for story
  • 9:35: Introduction to the And, But, Therefore model: The DNA of Story
  • 9:45: ACTIVITY: Create and share individual ABTs as the platform for their story
  • 10:00: Introduction to the 5 primal elements of example stories
  • 10:10: ACTIVITY: Creating and sharing example stories
  • 10:30: BREAK:
  • 10:45: Introduction to the Story Cycle System™
  • 11:20: Crafting and sharing their stories based on the Story Cycle™
  • 11:45: Q&A

Plus, you will receive an ABT worksheet, a What’s Your Story? field notebook and a host of written and video resources curated especially for you and your cohort. Please join us and start clarifying your story to amplify your impact and simplify your life.

Your investment? $497 NZD to work with Park Howell - an expert in creating Stories for Business.

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Park Howell
Business of Story

And who’s your Presenter?

Park Howell has been in advertising for 35 years, has run his own agency for 20 years, and has been steeped in story marketing for the past 10+ years. He is the founder of the Business of Story, a proven platform based on his 10-step Story Cycle system to help leaders of purpose-driven brands clarify their story to amplify their impact and simplify their life.

His popular weekly podcast features authors, screenwriters, makers, content marketers and brand raconteurs who share storytelling tips and techniques to help listeners craft and tell compelling stories that sell.

He has also created and taught the communications curriculum for the Executive Master’s for Sustainability Leadership program at Arizona State University.  His storytelling course transforms international executives into Chief Storytelling Officers to advance their social initiatives further, faster.

Park was named Advertising Person of the Year in 2010 by the American Advertising Federation of Metro Phoenix. The following year, his agency was recognized among the Top 10 Impact Companies in Arizona by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Park now consults, teaches, coaches and speaks on storytelling in business around the world. He has guided hundreds of brands and grown thousands of their people in such organizations as Hilton, Cummins, American Express, Philips, KPNG, and the United States Air Force.

He is a graduate of Washington State University and combines his degrees in communications and music composition and theory to help purpose-driven businesses grow through the power of story marketing.