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If you are ready to learn how to produce and deliver great content for your Social Media Channels, then this Content Workshop is for you.

Having great content for your social media channels is one of the key factors to building and maintaining a great brand, getting customer engagement, and making sales. 

We have all heard that saying – Content is King. Producing mediocre content is no longer going to cut it and doing nothing at all will leave you behind.

These statistics may blow your mind.

Without a doubt, content marketing, done correctly, can produce dramatic results for your business.  But, it takes time and focus to become effective at it. 42% of B2B marketers report that they’re effective in their content marketing efforts.

Neil Patel

55% of businesses don’t know what content success or effectiveness looks like

2016 B2B Report
Knowing what type of content to post on different social media channels is only the beginning./ Content Workshop for Social Media

We are more connected now than ever.  What we say and do online makes a difference to how we are perceived and received.

Quality content delivered at the right time, in the right place and to the right audiences is more crucial now that it has ever been before.  Knowing what type of content to post on different social media channels is only the beginning.  It is important to understand the psychology of the content that is being posted, the brand story that you will build around your content, and the engagement of your audience within the content.

The biggest issue that businesses face when it comes to content is the time that it takes to either produce good content or curate good content.  Many business owners do not know where to start, and if they do, there is the overwhelm factor of having to be on social media channels regularly.

During this workshop, we will cover:

Content Strategy

Content Planning

Creating Content

Repurposing Content

Curating Content

Measuring and Automating Content

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Module 1 – Strategy

Many businesses do not have a content strategy.  They do not know who their target audience is and they develop content haphazardly.  There is proof now that businesses’ social media will grow by 40% with a good content strategy.

During this workshop, we will:

  • Identify the best target audience for your product or service,Content strategy and content planning workshop for Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/LinkedIn/Snapchat/Instagram/Periscope #TOBA
  • Build personas around this audience,
  • Work out the features, advantages, and benefits of your product,
  • Work out which Social Media channels and online assets you need to be working on,
  • Work out how often is right for you and your business to post content.

Module 2 – Content Planning

You get to build your Content Plan for the next month in this fun interactive session. You will walk away with your plan, plus worksheets with examples of content that you can use for your industry.  You will also learn about building your brand story and get a content worksheet for ideas to blog and produce videos.

Module 3 – Creating Content

Learn the importance of engagement, social listening, and social selling.  During this module learn how to:

  • Use different applications to create content
  • Write a blog that attracts an audience
  • Understand the legal implications of using photos from the internet and we will
  • Do a quick Facebook live video – (this will only be seen by YOU on your Facebook page)

Module 4 – Repurposing Content

Take content that you have developed and use it in different ways on different channels.  Eg. How to take a video and turn it into a blog and then also turn the blog into sayings, etc. You will walk away with a step by step process on what to do and how to do this with your content.

Module 5 – Curating Content

Learn how to choose content that:Social Media Channels/ Producing Content/ #toba

  • Can be shared to your different social media channels
  • Aligns with your brand message
  • Can be used to create content for your brand

Module 6 – Measuring and automating

During this module, get insights on applications that can help you to automate your social media and content.

Learn how to measure which content is working best for your brand.

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